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  1. 115kV Substations
    We do the feasibility study, design, construction, equipment installation, test/commissioning and maintenance for 115kV Substation.
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  2. Power Distribution

    We serve industrial customers for planning, designing, construction, renovation and maintenance for the high reliability power distribution system. This also including of design and renovation of existing system for energy saving.

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  3. Building Facilitites
    By our superior design and installation skill, we supplied our service for design, installation in the field of mechanical and electrical facilities of building and industrial factory.
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  1. Plant Construction
    For the customers in the industrial section, we provide our service for machine installation, together with the wiring, piping, ducting work.
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  2. Civil and Architecture

    With our high quality of design work, we develop design to ensure to best satisfy clients needs. With our best quality of construction work, the customers shall obtain the most benefits, effective and beautiful projects.

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